Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What a Slacker!!!

"So Jess, when are you going to update the blog???" I have heard this statement from friends and family a kajillion times and have had enough. Time to devote more time to my blog! goes, quick and painless re-cap:

1. When we left off, I was headed into surgery and requesting rude of me not to update! Turns out the miscarriage was completely natural. I had a D&C, and Dr. McD went in with cameras to check things out. My uterus appears to be extremely thin on the right side, and may not be strong enough to carry a baby. Charles and I are taking this news as closure in the baby making department. I am not willing to put my life at risk! Stay tuned for an announcement later in the week!

2. Charlie was Spiderman for Halloween and had such a great time Trick or Treating. He was getting over a cold though, so we only hit half of the neighborhood. He still demands to wear his spidy mask with his Spiderman P.J.'s

Take a look at my little super hero!

Handing out candy with Daddy

3. Charlie's vocab skills are soaring! He cracks me up on a daily basis...he is just so darn witty! Sentences are becoming very clear, and he is extremely intuitive! Here are a few of my recent favorite Charlie quotes:

- After running around playing "gymnastics class" he sits in the rocking chair, looks at me and says "I'm tired, I need to take a break!"

- While pretending to serve me food and drink he starts to walk out of the room... I ask him where he is going and he says "I'm gonna get you a Coke!"

- On the way upstairs for a nap he stops, reaches for me to pick him up and says "I'm so tired, I can't walk!"

- My pet name for Charlie is Boo Boo Chicken, I called him this the other day and he looked at me sternly and said, "Mommy, I am not Boo Boo Chicken, I am Spiderman!"

What a goofball!

Just thought I would share these silly pics...Charlie is a Cereal junkie. Here he is drinking the milk after polishing of his cereal.

All Done!!!

4. I turned 29 on November 1st....blahhhhh!

5. I am now a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant! So nice to work for myself on my own time. I truly love the product and am excited to share with other women!

If you are interested in a facial, makeover, MK party, online order or online party please contact me!

check out my website:

free shipping on all orders!!!

$10 off for anyone who mentions "That's What She Said"

5. Thanksgiving was a wonderful time with the Powell side of the family! We all missed Mamadele dearly...she is an irreplaceable part of our crazy family! We are all working our way back to normal...fake it till you make it!

6. Christmas is right around the corner! I am no where near ready!!! Hope to get some shopping done this weekend!

Here is a peak at our Christmas card photo shoot:

If anyone still reads this blog...I am sorry for the 2 month break! I'm back, I promise!

Love to you all!


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